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The type bit has two values, on (true, high) and off (false, low). In certain contexts (if and while statements) an expression of type bit is required.

   var bit a = high
   var byte x
   a = x > 5


A byte is an 8-bit integer with modulo 256 semantics. Negative values are interpreted modulo 256 so (for expressions of the type byte) -1 and 255 are two notations of the same value.

   var byte n = 1, m = 257
   if n == m then
      -- will be executed!
   end if


Another type, universal, is available at compile time only. An expression which is not forced to be of a certain type is of the type universal. Such expressions can involve only constants, literals and build-in oprators and are evaluated by the compiler as signed integers of at least 32 bits.

   const xtal = 10_000_000
   const mips = xtal / 4

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